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Storage and logistics

We are offering fast maintenance and stable conditions for food and raw material storage purposes. We install and service all hot and cold equipments.


We peform reliable temperature control in facilities, where for instance food, raw material and medicine are stored. We carry out solutions for environmental control, construct refrigerating and freezing storages and maintain and service ventilating machines.


There is often an office or other building attached to the cold / refrigerating storage, which we heat by using, for example, ground source heat or heat recovery solutions.

Professional kitchens

We install and service all hot and cold equipment in professional staff kitchens. You can focus all your service company needs to MV-Jäähdytys, regardless of the equipment or brand used.

What we offer

Our customers are central stores, wholesalers, operators of primary production, importers, logistics companies and from production, process, medical and food industries.

Therefore, we know how to control air humidity and temperature. We build and maintain cold and refrigerating storages, carry out solutions for environmental control for different needs, while maintaining the cooling of the air conditioning and the heating in office spaces intended for personnel, as well as the equiment for the staff restaurant, all at the same time.

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