We are committed to taking care of our staff, the energy efficiency and the long life cycle of our customer’s equipment.


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Responsibility for personnel



Responsibility for a good life 


We have a proverb according to which over half of one’s life goes by at work; therefore, it should be made as pleasant as possible. At MV-Jäähdytys we aim continuously towards a better job satisfaction including a principle of equality regarding, for example, compensation models, mutual respect, humour, the versatility of work roles and career paths as well as a sense of community coming from the company’s history as a family business.


Our active employees enjoy team sports together as well as Eazybreak sports and massage benefits. Our employee retention is at a high level and our attrition rate per year is only 4%. It is exeptionally low within the industry. In addition to a pleasant working atmosphere and employee benefits, we offer our staff the most modern tools within the sector as well as the continuous technical support of our experts.



Responsibility for safety


We are a cooling equipment servicing company approved and qualification granted by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. In every town where we have an office / establishment, there is a person named responsible for meeting the environmental protection requirements. We maintain and develop our staff’s competence and professional skills with systematic training. All our maintenance technicians working in professional kitchens and with cooling technology, are introduced to safe work practices. Our occupational accident frequency is only 89 per year (one accident per 11 292 workhours), which is significantly low in a sector-specific comparison. Each of our on-site employees have at least an occupational safety card, an electrical safety card, a hot work certificare and a first aid certification. The collection of cards and certificates will be completed according to work tasks with, for example, a hygiene passport, hoist operator training and ID-cards for construction sites.





Responsibility for the environment



Responsibility for energy efficiency


A device is at it’s most enviromentally friendly state when it works properly.  Our business is focused on maintenance and aims to provide a long-life cycle for every device and to preserve the energy efficiency of the equipment throughout the year. There are over 40 000 cooling and professional kitchen devices under our maintenance contract. We are commited to taking care of the good condition and energy efficiency of these devices.


Thanks to the technical competence gained during our 50-year history, our material bank, which is the most extensive there is in Finland, and our extensive parner net work, we can ensure that every device and piece of equipment will be maintained properly – considering the life cycle of the device and other environmental factors. We have our own acquisition department, which maintains a huge collection of spare parts and orders even the most special components of the versatile sector, by using its own network. We attend the manufacutrer’s courses on a regular basis, inform of the best practices and work continuously to develop our expertise to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

laitteen energiatehokkuus

Responsibility for everyday choices


Each year, we complete over 37 000 work tasks on our sites located all over Finland. In a company of our size, this emphasizes the need for conscious everyday choices. We analyze all the refrigerants and coolants returned to us. We are one of the only actors in Finland, who have the equipment and expertise needed to do this. Based on the analysis, the coolants or refrigerants will be either used, cleaned, or sent to our partners for disposal. Most of the coolants and refrigerants can be cleaned, and we will do it every time it is possible. We take care of equipment that is no longer suitable for the market properly and in an environmentally friendly way. We drive to sites with low emission vehicles and use food grade chemicals in kitchens.


We also foresee the future. We take care of statutory leak checks for our customers, and our experts always recommend the most suitable refrigerant for our customers. We continuously improve our expertise and expand our knowledge of halogen-free, in other words, natural refrigerants. In our register of maintenanced devices, there are wau over 500 devices in which only natural refrigerants are used.





Social responsibility



Responsibility for Finnish professionalism


During our 50 years of history, we have always preserved our employees’ jobs. Even in difficult market situations we have dauntlessly hired new members of staff. We respect and value our professionals and we constantly train new members to our growing team, by our own training programs. Our apprenticeship agreement training program is exceptional within the industry, in general and on the national scale. Unemployed job seekers will be trained to become the best of their industry in our training program combining both theory and practical work. This way we make sure that the new employee has all the possibilities and resources to succeed in independent work right after graduation.

vastuu yhteiskunnasta

Responsibility for those in need


We support charity and communities to whom help is vital, on a regular basis. For the charities of the year 2021 we chose, based on the suggestions of our personnel, Suomen Veteraanit and Tukikummit. Veteraanivastuu ry supports Finnish war veterans, women of war and war widows, for example, in combating loneliness, medical expenses, and in everyday activities. Tukikummit foundation supports young people who are in risk of exclusion due to their family’s financial situation by assisting in, for example, hobbies and study expenses. The criteria used for choosing the main charities for 2021 was based on the consistency between the worlds of values with MV-Jäähdytys and the charity, as well as equal distribution among different social classes.


Our staff also chose the main charities for 2022. Through Unicef, we supported children and their families who have suffered from the Ukrainian war. The battles have damaged critical water infrastructure and schools. UNICEF has helped Ukranian children for years and is now working to expand its programmes of assistance, through which they deliver, for example, pure water, equipment for health care, hygiene products and school supplies and offer psychosocial support for children and their families. Our other main charity for 2022 is Ice Hearts Ry, which prevents the exclusion of young Finnish people by team sports. Since the association has been founded, it has aimed to become a national association to give the opportunity to have hobbies, to belong to a comunity and to achieve one’s full potential, for as many children as possible.

Our maintenance technician makes sure that the product works as it has been designed to. In practice, optimal circumstances for transferring energy are created by the following procedures: regularily peformed leak checks, checking the quality of oil and the refrigerant, checking the running of the compressor, ensuring that all functions regarding the circulation of the refrigerant are right and are tuned into the right position, if needed, the heat exchangers are put in the right place and filters and condensers are installed on heat exchange surfaces to keep them clean, and heat exchangers are washed, the location of the heat exchanger is carefully chosen and a roof which is located close by can be painted white in order to control the temperature.

We service all cooling equipment and heat pumps regarless of the brand. HFC substances, HC-substances (in other words corbon hydrates) and carbon dioxide are all included in our maintenance services.

We will take care, on our customer’s behalf, of whether the chosen refrigerant will be authorised in the future, and if it will even be availabe. The best option for the customer will be chosen already at the designing phase of the plant or project. The chosen refrigerant must match the client’s needs and its GWP value, environmental impact value, has to be as low as possible.

We recycle everything we can. Disused, repairable equipment will be fixed and reused. The disused equipment will be dismantled. The coolants and refigerant will be stored, analyzed, and reused in another machine, as such or after cleaning, whenever possible. A refigerant, which has already changed its features, will be delivered to our partner Fortum for disposal. Oil will be collected and recycled properly. The cover of the equipment will be taken to scrap metal, but electric and electronic scrap, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bateries, cardboard, wood and energy waste will be sorted.

We always follow the most recent recommendations of the Finnish health care authorities. We have emphasized the role of good hygiene and for those beloning to a risk group, we have offered the possibility to work remotely or independantly. Before each customer visit, we check the customer’s wishes and special requirements for operating, for example, in the hospital environment and visiting clean rooms. We keep additional protective wear in our vehicles for these kinds of special needs. In our client’s premises, our maintenance technicians use face masks, new and clean work gloves, maintain safety distances and clean every maintainded device with a disinfective detergant after the maintenance.

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency TUKES supervises our licensed operations and to work in the cooling industry, one must attend a training program leading to a degree. A basic degree in building engineering is required and from that refrigeration installer as the line of orientation, for independant work in the cooling industry. A basic degree in electrical or automation installation is required for working in professional kitchens.

Keeping up team spirit, responsibility (of personnel, the environment and society) and visionarity and bravery both in administrative development as well as in problemsolving on site.

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