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Today MV-Jäähdytys is the best maintenance company in the industry, we serve our clients with a staff of 300 employees, nationwide.

Vision and courage

We are proud of our work and we are very demanding towards ourselves. Up until this moment in our history, not a single device has been left unrepaired –  the MV spirit wouldn’t allow it.  As the latest indsutry specific leaps, MV-Jäähdytys has claimed its position in professional kitches as the only actor who can serve in all professional kitchen equipment needs.

In the year 2020 MV-Jäähdytys also introduced its ground-breaking, device-specific data-utilizing, intelligent, operational management system. MV encourages its employees to develop their skils and to question. The lion spirit of MV-Jäähdytys has always been built in cooperation with clients and employees.

Team spirit

Anyone of us could tell that in MV you will always get help when you ask for it – and even if you don’t!  Willigness to help, shared humour and equality bring us together.

We also know that nobody is perfect and that only attitude counts. Every master is an old apprentice. The best practices and true expertise can only be achieved by exploring different options.


A real sense of community doesn’t exist without appreciation of the staff, clients and being open and honest. We are committed to taking care of our staff and to ensure the energy efficiency and a long life cycle for our client’s equipment. You can read more about our responsible choices here.

Our strategy

The best maintenance company in Finland

We strongly believe that by continuing to provide the best service in Finland and keeping our position as Finland’s best employer, we will inevitably be the best and strongest maintenance company in Finland.

A strong thrive for development

We stick to our values based on our background as a family business. In all our decision making, we act according to the best interests of our clients, staff and the environment.

We will continue to provide our services nationwide, everywhere in Finland. We will preserve device and brand-independence and 24/7 availability as our core functions.

We will continue to systematically develop our staff’s training processes and our ground-breaking interface technology.

Services all over Finland

In addition to our office staff, from our logistics and customer service centers, you can find an enorm collection of spare parts, components, refrigerants, coolants, and raw material for project sites.


Jasperinkuja 2
33960 Pirkkala

Åbyntie 1
01730 Vantaa

Jarru 1
40320 Jyväskylä

Teräskatu 9
21200 Raisio

Päijät- Häme
Ojamaankatu 1
15230 Lahti

Our staff

A competitive spirit

It doesn’t matter who is cheering for TPS and who supports Tappara. Only victory counts! We have only unyielding men and women working for us. The competitive spirit that unites us inevitably goes hand in hand with this character trait. That is why it is easy to form teams for badminton, ice hockey or, for example, frisbee golf. Our strongest opponent is also our most respected pacesetter. We refuse to loose for those who don’t reach our level.

Appropriately crazy

If the supervisor’s desk isn’t filled with the logos of a team he has aversion to or with colorful post-its when he returns from a holiday, can we even talk about caring of a co-worker?  Our sense of humour is a mixture of appreciation towards one another and joking with a twinkle in the corner of the eye.


We are proud of our work and, thus, the most demanding towards our selves. Our “sisu” spirit doesn’t approve of defeat and that is why  we haven’t left a single device unrepaired through our 50-year history. We give everything of ourselves so that our customers and colleagues succeed in their own goals. With MV-numbers we count heroes.



A pioneer in the field for 50 years: we brought service stickers, annual maintenance agreements, and the terms of delivery of the industry to Finland.

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