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Not a single piece of equipment has been left without repair

What ever we do – we do it well.

Our operations are focused on minimizing equipment failure and disruptions with our customers day to day business functions. Our performance is guided by achieving a quick response time, skills that cover every brand and professionalism. In the end, the passion in our actions, is all about relentless attitude that says how we value our customers, our work and our company.

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We maintain, install ja service all imported cooling equipment, cold- and freezer rooms, heat pumps and professional kitchen equipment. We are the only company in Finland where you can focus all your professional kitchen maintenance and installation needs.

We are experts in time sensitivity. You can get a professional on site in 2 hours from our 24/7 on-call number. Every vehicle in our fleet has all the most important spare parts and materials. Our nation wide logistic centers have products from hundreds of different brands – for thousands of square meters. Our unyielding team will do everything in it´s power so that the life of our customers would be uncomplicated and safe. For your success.


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