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Maintenance services

All types of heat pumps require care and maintenance in order to function as desired.
We service all ground source heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps and air source heat pumps professionally.
Through us, you can get both annual maintenance and repairs up to compressor replacements.

We are an authorized maintenance service center for example for Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric.

Maintenance service for
air source heat pumps

Annual maintenance service / fault survey

(VAT 24% included)


Maintenance service for
other heat pumps

Annual maintenance service / fault survey

(VAT 24% included)

Starting price 340€

Order maintenance service or fault survey

Order maintenance service or fault survey by calling: 020 786 1900 or by sending a email to following address: You can also order maintenance services via the form at the bottom of this page.

Annual maintenance service for heat pumps

Regular maintenance of heat pumps not only extends their lifespan but also improves their energy efficiency. At MV-Jäähdytys, we offer an annual maintenance contract that ensures our commitment to taking care of our customer’s equipment. We take care of our customer’s legal obligations, ensure the functionality of the devices, improve energy efficiency, and maintain the equipment’s long lifespan. We also provide proper documentation and its preservation. Each customer with the contract is assigned their own supervisor who arranges the annual maintenance at a time that suits the customer best.

When planning the annual maintenance contract, it is possible to conduct a proactive equipment survey. Based on the survey, an offer is created that includes not only the legal obligations of the device owner, such as leak checks, but also recommended measures and device-specific maintenance intervals. The offer, based on the experience and recommendations of MV-Jäähdytys, is discussed with the customer and, if necessary, tailored according to the customer’s wishes.

Fault repair on heat pumps

Our emergency service number is available 24/7 throughout Finland. The most common issues that require repair include refrigerant leaks, broken electrical components, and defects caused by impurities. Our service technicians work with the customer to agree on a desired repair date and confirm the refrigerant used in the device, necessary spare parts and tools, and other basic information needed to ensure a speedy and efficient repair.

We also take care of the responsible and environmentally friendly recycling of old devices if it is needed.

Maintenance service hotline 24/7 | 020 786 1900

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