Public sector

We offer safety with compatible pricing and predictability for budgeting and everyday life for several municipalities, cities, and other actors in the public sector.

What we do


We cool air conditioning in buildings as well as products, servers, and processes. We have services for cold storage of food, we make solutions for environment control, and we also service ventilation machines.


We offer heating and heat recovery solutions with ground source heat, air source heat, air/water heat, multipurpose and exhaust air heat pumps.

Professional kitchens

We install and service all hot and cold equipment in professional kitchens. You can focus all your service company needs to MV-Jäähdytys, regardless of the equipment or brand used.

Washing, disinfecting, and rinsing

Our technicians have been trained for special equipment and they service all equipment used for clinical cleansing of instruments and medical trays in healthcare premises. We advise and train our customers when the detergent changes, when changes are planned for the washing procedure or technical support is needed to use the equipment.


What we offer



Our customers are, for example, schools, day care centers, city halls, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental clinics, veterinaries, health care centers, libraries, and swimming halls.


  • We cool down premises: real estate, indoor ice rinks, hospitals, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, city halls and other public spaces
  • We refrigerate and freeze products and corpses: storages, food refrigerators and cold rooms, medical refrigerators, medical freezers, mortuary fridges, ultra low temperature freezers and environmental chambers
  • We produce solutions for environmental control in laboratories and for instrument storage
  • We install and service Franke Medical and Miele equipment. We also give user training and advice for changes in the detergent or washing procedure
  • A significant part of our energy efficient services also includes heat recovery solutions, with which the heat is recovered from the exhaust air and used later on in heating the property

Thanks to the large number of our competent professionals, we service all cooling equipment, heat pumps, cold and freezer rooms, ventilating machines, and equipment for professional kitchens whenever and wherever. We fulfill all legal obligations of the cooling equipment owner and document data for each piece of equipment in real time to our self-developed digital service software. We report, for example, all done procedures, ordered spare parts, remarks made by the maintenance technician, device-specific faults and reasons for them.

You will receive a competitive quote and our personnel of almost 300 professionals will be at your service nationwide. The same maintenance company will not only fulfill all of your maintenance and service needs, but also maintain one of Finland’s most extensive spare part collections. Our on-call service and maintenance number is open 24/7. From MV, you will get men who are simply the best and most unyielding in their own field.

Yes, you can. We operate nationwide with over 50 years of professional experience. We are technical pioneers in maintenance business based on device data. At the same time, we are the most impartial actor in a fragmented world of individual actors, because we equally represent all of the brands and manufacturers on the market. You can send the invitation to Eerika Turunen, tel. +358 20 786 1908 / eerika.turunen@mv-jaahdytys.fi

We extend the lifespan of equipment and improve their operational reliability. Properly maintained equipment doesn’t need repairs or replacements as often and doesn´t unnecessarily interrupt our customers business. In the long run, our customers save money. Regular maintenance also significantly improves energy efficiency of the equipment.

We always recommend the most functional and energy efficient solution to our customers - considering heat recovery solutions. Equipment, which is functional according to its intended use, as well as energy efficient, is always the most environmentally friendly solution. Read more about our recycling activities and other green choices from our responsibility -page.

We can get on site in approximately 2 hours all over Finland. Our on-call service number supports and secures our customers business’ 24/7.

If the fault is caused by the user, we naturally provide training already during the repairing process. We give advice to our customers over the phone and make remarks on possible user-based faults during our survey visits.

Many public actors and institutions have focused everything to us from heating to cooling, cold and freezer spaces as well as ventilation from healthcare equipment to professional kitchens, by procurement contracts. We have enough of experience to carry out technically challenging service, to maintain equipment following the life cycle thinking approach, to improve energy efficiency, to design systems for new constructions and to build. However, we don’t carry out general property maintenance, fire- and safety technology nor offer cleaning and waste management services, yet we focus on our core competence.

We service all cold and freezing spaces, equipment for cooling, heating, professional kitchens, and cleaning medical instruments for healthcare, that are on the market.

We have our own internal acquisition department, which upholds a large spare part selection and whose main goal is also to acquire even special spare parts as quickly as possible. Often the necessary part or component can be found in our own logistic center and can be delivered the same day or latest next morning anywhere in Finland.

Reach out to our on-call service, we answer 24/7

+358 20 786 1900

Order a maintenance, we answer on weekdays between 7-16

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