We provide operational reliability for valuable industrial processes and security for employees working in the facilities.

What we do


We cool premises and production processes. In addition, we provide solutions for environmental control. We also maintain and service ventilating machines and compressed air dryers.


We provide heating solutions and maintenance services for all heat pumps. A significant part of our energy efficient services also includes heat recovery solutions, where the heat produced by process cooling is recovered and used for heating the property.

Professional kitchens

We install and service all equipment and kitchen lines for professional kitchens, for example, for the food industry or in staff restaurants of other industry fields. You can focus all your service company needs to MV-Jäähdytys regardless of the equipment or brand used in professional kitchens.


What we offer



In addition to actors in the food industry, our customers are working in the glass, medical, cemical, metal, forest, construction, electrical, textile, as well as electricity, gas, and water-maintenance industries.


  • We cool down premises and processes: production facilities and processes, staff restaurants as well as air conditioning in offices and break rooms, electricity, and server spaces.
  • We refrigerate and freeze products: ultra low temperature freezers and industrial storages.
  • We provide solutions for environmental control: measurement rooms and clean rooms.


We cool down our customer’s premises, environmental control rooms and spaces for equipment, as well as their processes. We heat premises and real estate. In addition, we maintain and install hot electrical equipment for kitchens and cold equipment for food storage.

Our professionals are familiar with the demands and processes of industrial companies. For appliances that are critical for the customer’s business, we strongly recommend signing a maintenance agreement. The equiment’s opeorational reliability, energy efficiency and a long-life cycle can only be guaranteed by proportionated and properly timed advance maintenance. Nevertheless, our response time is short and our 24/7 on-call and service number will always send help on site with short notice, whether it is during office hours or the holidays.

Yes, we service and maintain cooling equipment for metalworking companies even now. We take care of, for example, oil coolers, cutting fluid coolers, coolers for electrical spaces, measurement coolers and compressed air dryers.

The project managers working for MV-Jäähdytys are the best in their domain. Our technical experts and head of maintenance have a constant dialogue in house, to ensure the use of the best practices and to solve even the most demanding problems and situations. Our professional supervisors have each a long history working on site and all our educated maintenance technicians have their supervisor’s trust and each other’s support.

Yes, we can, we build constantly process cooling solutions based on our client’s needs.

We renew industrial equipment every year. You can ask us for a free survey visit. Our industrial process expert will check the age, condition and functuality of the device. Based on the survey visit, we can tell if it is necessary to do anything for the device or whether it needs tuning, maintenance, or modernization. We let you know all the options and we will recommend the best solution to ensure the operational reliability of the production process, based on our education and experience.

We always recommend the most functional and energy efficient solution to our customers - considering heat recovery solutions. Maintaining energy efficiency is guaranteed by regular advance maintenance visits. Equipment, which is functional according to its inteded use and energy efficient, is always the most environmentally friendly solution. Read more about our green choises from our responsability -page.

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