Hotels and restaurants

We make sure our customer’s business keeps running without any interruptions, thanks to our fast maintenance services and good availability.

What we do


We cool down premises. Hotels typically use water cooling systems and restaurans tend to prefer air source heat pumps. In professional kitchens, we install, maintain, service and repair also food freezers and refrigerators, in addition to air conditioning and cooling equipment.


We choose the best heating system for our customers based on their needs. We service and repair all heat pumps and heat recovery equipment.

Professional kitchens

We install, maintain and service all equipment for professional kitchens from pots to ice makers. You can focus all your service company needs to MV-Jäähdytys regardless of the equipment or brand used.

What we offer

Our customers are hotels, motels, guest houses, central and service kitchens, cafés, fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, staff restaurants, schools, day care centers, sheltered homes, healthcare centers, in store bakery shops, grills, teraces, bakeries, hotels and gas stations.


  • We cool lobbies, hotel rooms, server spaces, cold pools in spas and sauna benches, usually with the same system.
  • We service, maintain, install and repair everything related to cooling in restaurants, such as, food refrigerators and freezing rooms, cold cabinets, showcases, salad and drinking basins and dining spaces.
  • We service, maintain, install, and repair all hot equipment in restaurants such as tunnel diswashers, ovens, pots, granule washers, sorting machines and warm wagons.
  • We heat premises and pool water.
  • We inspect possibilities regarding heat recovery solutions so that the heat produced by the cooling process can be utilized in favor of the entire restaurant and hotel entity.
  • We offer annual maintenance contracts for hot equipment for professional kitchens, food refrigerators and freezers as well as cooling and chilling equipment. Regular maintenance will ensure the equipment’s long-life cycle and energy efficiency.
  • We service also ventilating machines, if asked for.


We offer our customers convenience with our annual maintenance contracts, our fast fault repairs, equipment installations done by our professionals, and projects carried out according to the turnkey principle.

Yes, you can. We install, service and repair all hot and cold equipment in the professional kitchens. In addition, we cool the air conditioning in our customers dining area. In many professional kitchens, manufacturers are put out to tender, which is why you can find equipment from several brands in the same kitchen. This is precisely where our professional skills and competence come forward.

We mobilize nationwide roughly within 2 hours from receiving your call. The schedule is dictated by our customers urgency and preserving their core functions in specific situations.

Yes, we can, ask for a quote!

We extend the lifespan of equipment and improve their operational reliability. Properly maintained equipment doesn’t need repairs or replacements as often and doesn’t cause unnecessarily interruptions to our customer's business. In the long run, our customers save money. Regular maintenance also significantly improves the energy efficiency of the equipment.

We service every major brand available on the market.

Yes, even though we are often the last operator on site, in terms of equipment installation. MV constantly communicates with the site manager and inspires other operators in their performance. Our transcendent team spirit and unyielding attitude guarantees that help is always available when necessary and that long hours to the night are no stranger to us. We do everything for the success of our customers.

In principle, new equipment has a warranty granted by the manufacturer for a fixed period, during which the manufacturer is responsible for reparing the equipment or having it repaired by a contractor. MV-Jäähdytys acts as a warranty maintenance contractor for several brands and we also do annual maintenance during the warranty period. As the period of warranty comes to its end, it is recommended for the restaurant owner to sign a maintenance contract. Following the signature of the maintenance contract, MV-Jäähdytys will take charge of, and thus document, removal of calcium carbonate, checks, measuring, regulations, repairs, and leakage checks, all on time. The customer buys carefree maintenance and a long service life for the equipment.

Reach out to our on-call service, we answer 24/7

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