We provide an easy, safe and uniterrupted everyday life. You don’t have to call after us because as a trusted partner, we do what we promise to do.

What we do


We cool down premises and products, we provide solutions for environmental control, and we maintain and service ventilating machines.


We offer heating solutions by using ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and air-water heat pumps as well as multiple use heat pumps. Our energy efficient services also include different heat recovery solutions, where the heat of the exhaust air is recovered and used later on for heating the property.

Professional kitchens

We install and service all hot and cold electrical equipment in patient cafeterias, production, distribution, and ward kitchens, as well as in service and central kitchens, staff break rooms and staff restaurants. You can focus all your service company needs to MV-Jäähdytys, regardless of the equipment or brand used. Thanks to the maintenance agreements offering an easy and carefree everyday life, a maintenance technician is available within short notice, and the staff and patients can be served a warm and nourishing meal.

Washing, disinfecting, and rinsing

Our maintenance technicians have had special education and they install and service KWC Deko and Miele appliances. It is good to contact us when the detergent changes, when changes are planned for the washing procedure or technical support is needed to use the equipment.

What we offer



Our trained maintenance technicians are well familiar with the strickt safety and hygiene requirements in the operating environment. These include, for example, new and clean work and protective clothing, discrete behaviour and protecting the privacy of the patients and proactive communcation with the client.


Our clients are private and public hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, dental care centres and veterinaries.


  • We cool premises: real estate, buildings, operating rooms, procedure rooms, pharmacy robots and magnetic resonance imaging devices.
  • We refrigerate and freeze products and corpses: medical refrigerators, medical freezers, mortuary fridges, ultra low temperature freezers, kitchen cold rooms and freezers and environmental chambers.
  • We produce solutions for environmental control in laboratories and for instrument storage.
  • We install and service Franke Medical and Miele equipment. We also give user training and advice for changes in the detergent or washing procedure.

We cool down air conditioning in patient and procedure rooms, maintain, service and install hot and cold equipment for institutional kitchens and take care of the washing, flushing and disinfection machines in healthcare premises.

Our annual maintenance agreements are a critical part of the equipments’ and patients’ wellbeing. Advance maintenance extends the lifespan of the equipment and minimizes critical situations. In surprising situations, our 24/7 on call service number will send help on site within 2 hours.

We always leave a maintained, serviced and fully checked device behind. However, if any probelms occur due to unexpected circumstances, our 24/7 on-call maintenance service will be on site within short notice. We have almost 300 unyielding professionals working and doing their best for our client’s success. You will always get help. We also maintain an extensive collection of spare parts and replacement devices.

We have only received praise for our politeness and discrete behaviour. Respect and good customer service are a part of our values, work culture and recruitment criteria.

We always follow the most recent recommendations of the Finnish health care authorities. Before each customer visit, we check the client’s wishes and special requirements for operating in the hospital environment and visiting clean rooms. We keep additional protective wear in our vehicles for these kind of special needs. In our client’s premises, our maintenance technicians use face masks, new and clean work gloves, maintain safety distances and clean every maintainded device with a disincentive detergent after the maintenance.

Over the years, we have carried out several cooling projects for health care procedure rooms into new properties as well as already existing ones. In these projects we often use VRF devices.

We have our own internal acquisition department, which upholds a large spare part selection. Often the necessary part or component can be found in our own logistic center and can be delivered the same day or latest, the next morning anywhere in Finland. Our acquisition department can also order more special spare parts for our customers, by using their own efficient networks.

We install, repair, service and maintain all cooling equipment, cold and freezing spaces, heat pumps, professional kitchen equipment, washing, disinfecting, and rinsing machines aivailable on the Finnish market.

Reach out to our on-call service, we answer 24/7

+358 20 786 1900


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