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Construction industry

We offer unwavering commitment to achieving work goals, solid professionalism, and exceptional project management skills.


We install all equipment necessary for cooling processes in products and premises. We also install refrigeration and freezing units, such as those found in professional kitchens and healthcare facilities. In addition, we provide customized solutions for environmental control based on specific requests.


We provide heating solutions through the use of ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, air-water heat pumps, and multi-use heat pumps. Our energy-efficient services also include heat recovery solutions that capture heat from exhaust air and repurpose it to heat the property.

Professional kitchens

We install all necessary equipment for professional kitchens, ranging from ovens and tunnel dishwashers to refrigeration and freezing spaces. MV-Jäähdytys is a reliable long-term partner that also offers maintenance services to clients even after project or site completion.

What we offer

Our clients are construction companies, plumbing companies, housing companies, building maintenance companies, companies working in the HVAC sector, manufacturers, and industrial operators.

We offer steely professionalism with 50 years of experience. Staying on schedule and achieving goals are matters of honor for our team.

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