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Building maintenance and housing companies

We offer building maintenance and services for housing companies. We’ll help you to have a safe everyday with a long and an efficient life cycle for equipments.


We provide cooling solutions for properties, storage spaces, and server rooms. Our services also include the maintenance of ventilation systems, and the development of environmental control solutions, such as those used in the healthcare industry.


We offer heating solutions with ground source heat, air source heat, air-water heat and multi use heat pumps. Exhaust air heat pumps play an important role in our energy efficient services. They are used to recover heat from the chilled air to be used in other heating needs of the property.

Professional kitchens

We maintain, service and install all cold and hot equipment for cafés, restaurants, accommodation providers and institutional kitchens located in concentrations of commercial properties. You can focus all your service and maintenance company needs to MV-Jäähdytys regardless of the equipment or brand used.

What we offer?

We have both private and public properties as our clients.

  • We cool air conditioning, basement cold rooms and storage spaces for residential apartments, business properties, offices and public premises
  • We build, maintain and service cooling systems to both existing properties as well as to those under construction
  • We maintain, install, repair, service and peform leakage checks to all ground source heat pumps and other heat pumps
  • We take care of all the legal obligations of the cooling equipment owner
  • We carry out modernization projects for cooling and heating systems as well as basement cold rooms
  • We use for example VRF and water-cooling systems, separate condensing units, ground source heat pumps, exhaust air heat pumps and other equipment chosen based on the clients’ goals and needs

We offer property managers, maintenance technician supervisors and site foremen new, reliable, co-workers. MV-Jäähdytys takes care of the equipment owner’s legal obligations, installs and maintains well running and energy efficient equipment and solves even the most demanding problems and faults fast and with solid professionalism.

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