Maintenance contracts

With the MV-Jäähdytys maintenance contract you ensure that you have the fastest and most reliable contractor on the market to service your cooling, heating, and professional kitchen equipment.

MV-Jäähdytys has strong human resources to ensure the availability of  maintenance anywhere in Finland


Our annual maintenance contract brings a peace of mind – it guarantees operational reliability and fast maintenance for your equipment. MV-Jäähdytys is at your service nationwide with its personnel of almost 300 employees and its partner network. We are one of the only actors in Finland to whom you can focus all annual maintenance and fault repairs of professional kitchen equipment, cold and freezer spaces, heat pumps and cooling equipment.


A Brand-independent contractor for already 50 years


We have been working with cooling and electrotechnical equipment since 1971! We service, install and repair all equipment and devices of all brands and manufacturers. We service all equipment from Electrolux to Dieta, Metos, Viessmann, Hermetel, Porkka, Miele, Deko, and Olion. Here you can read more about our extensive experience and the hundreds of brands we have serviced! While servicing equipment, we use both the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as our professional knowledge and the expertise we have gained over several years.


Regular maintenance guarantees operational reliability


Our maintenance contract customers across Finland speak with one voice as they recocnize that the need for on-call fault repairs has significantly decreased during the maintenance contract. Thanks to regular maintenance, the operating lifetime of the equipment will be longer, the maintenance will improve your equipment’s energy efficiency and all legal obligations will be fulfilled with certainty, because MV-Jäähdytys takes care of them. We remind our customers of upcoming annual maintenance, and we will schedule them according to our customer’s wishes.


Our maintenance contract customers appreciate our fast maintenance and the reliability of our services


When calling MV-Jäähdytys, you can cross out one concern from your list. MV-Jäähdytys earns credit from its customers especially for the fast speed of ordered maintenance and the reliability of its services. The equipment will be repaired quickly and it will be serviced solemnly and with such high level of knowledge that they will remain in shape. It is at the utmost importance for MV-Jäähdytys to ensure their customer’s business can run smoothly by guaranteeing both safety and reliability of critical equipment.


24/7 on-call maintenance service


Our service is available throughout the year and around the clock. You can get a professional on site from the number +358 20 786 1900 – even in the middle of the night. We have large logistic centers located all over Finland. This way we have ensured that even the most special spare parts or subsititutive devices can be delivered to our customers the fastest way possible. Up until this moment in our history, not a single device or piece of equipment has been left unrepaired – we take this as a matter of honour.


Service orders: huoltotilaus@mv-jaahdytys.fi I Request for quote: myynti@mv-jaahdytys.fi

Eerika Turunen

Sales Director, national maintenance agreements
+358 40 062 5568

Joni Valkeeniemi

Service Sales Manager, maintenance contracts
+358 50 432 7707

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+358 20 786 1900

Yes, you can. We install, maintain, service and repair all hot and cold equipment in the professional kitchens. In addition, we cool down the air-conditioning in our customers dining area.

We mobilize nationwide roughly within 2 hours from receiving your call. The schedule is dictated by our customer's urgency and preserving their core functions in specific situations.

We service every major brand available on the market.

Signing the maintenance contract doesn’t cost anything. However, all maintenance visits will be charged for, but in the end it is up to the customer to decide on their number and schedule. MV-Jäähdytys will initially peform an anticipatory analysis of the equipment and thus give its own recommendations for maintenance. Finally, a mutual roadmap regarding maintenance will be drawn together with the client.

We have our own internal acquisition department, which upholds a large spare part selection. Often the necessary part or component can be found in our own logistic center and can be delivered the same day or latest the next morning anywhere in Finland. Our acquisition department can also order more special spare parts for our customers, by using their own efficient networks.

We extend the lifespan of equipment and improve their operational reliability. Properly maintained equipment doesn’t need repairs or replacements as often and doesn’t cause unnecessarily interruptions to our customers business. In the long run, our customers save money. Regular maintenance also significantly improves the energy efficiency of the equipment.

In principle, new equipment has a warranty granted by the manufacturer for a fixed period, during which the manufacturer is responsible for reparing the equipment or having it repaired by a contractor. MV-Jäähdytys acts as a warranty maintenance contractor for several brands and we also do annual maintenance during the warranty period. As the period of warranty comes to its end, it is recommended for the restaurant owner to sign a maintenance contract. Following the signature of the maintenance contract, MV-Jäähdytys will take charge of, and thus document, removal of calcium carbonate, checks, measuring, regulations, repairs, and leakage checks, all on time. The customer buys carefree maintenance and a long service life for the equipment.

Yes, we do, also Franke Medical’s washing, flushing and disinfection machines can be included in the maintenance contract.

Several! Feel free to contact our account managers. They are happy to talk about the all the customer benefits for the ongoing year and give you a quote!

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