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Ground source heat in detached houses

By choosing ground source heat, you can save up to 75% on your heating costs.

Although acquiring ground source heating may seem like a significant investment at first, it pays off in lower heating costs over time. This environmentally friendly heating solution uses the heat stored in the soil surrounding your property to heat your home during the winter, even in extreme cold. In the summer, the same principle applies in reverse, allowing you to use ground source heating to cool your home to a comfortable level. By choosing ground source heating, you can enjoy both cost savings and a sustainable heating option.

Reasons you should choose the ground source heat

You will save money

The heat comes from the ground, regardless of the weather. The heat stored in your property’s soil is free of charge.

It will increase the value of your home

Installing a ground source heat pump in your property increases its value.

Your heating system will be environmentally friendly

Ground source heating is an environmentally friendly option and does not cause load spikes in your power grid.

Ground source heat in new houses

We install ground source heat pumps with strong expertise in new buildings in the Tampere and Pirkanmaa regions. Installing geothermal heating in a new home is typically more cost-effective than in an older home. New detached houses often have water-circulating underfloor heating, which is an ideal complement to ground source heating.

Ground source heating solution

Provide us with the floor plans and energy certificate for your future home, and we will quickly calculate an offer for the installation of ground source heating system.

We will design a ground source heating system for your needs. We will go through the specific features of the installation site with you and agree on the placement of distribution manifolds and thermostats, among other things. For this, we need your house’s floor plans in DWG format, created by your house designer, after which we can start designing.

Our experienced designers will carefully examine your property’s drawings, taking into account any unusual features such as high windows, doors, and other possible factors that may affect the density of piping.

Ground source, air-to-water or district heating?

Every new home builder must make a decision about the choice of heating system. In new properties, the choice is usually between ground source heating and air-to-water heating, as district heating is not available in most cities. In addition, ground source heat is a more cost-effective option in the long run compared to district heating, and there is not a big difference in their acquisition costs. Air-to-water heating, on the other hand, is suitable for smaller properties with moderate energy consumption.

Ground source heating system’s absolute advantage is the financial savings it brings. You can save over half of your heating costs compared to district heating. Homes heated by ground source heat are also in high demand on the housing market and have a higher resale value than similar homes heated by other heating solutions. In most cases, geothermal is the most sensible solution.

Ground source heating in renovational projects and properties

More and more homeowners of detached houses are considering a new heating solution to replace their old oil, electric or district heating system. Heating costs have been constantly increasing, and many have started to consider switching to geothermal heating. Ground source heating can reduce heating costs for homeowners by up to 60-75%, making it a profitable investment. Ground source heating is a sensible option for renovation projects.

Effortless and environmentally friendly

Does your home currently rely on oil, electricity, or district heating for heating, and would you like to switch to geothermal heating? Invite us for an assessment visit. Based on the energy needs of your home and your living habits, we will determine the total heating energy required and select the most cost-effective geothermal heat pump and heat collection method for your property.

We offer installation of ground source heating systems in the Tampere and Pirkanmaa regions. If desired, we can take care of everything from necessary demolition work to drilling. Our own skilled installers guarantee high-quality pipe and electrical installations.

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