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Toshiba Premium+ heat pump

Toshiba Premiun Plus heat pump
Ilmalämpöpumpun energiatehokkuus-ikoni
Ilmalämpöpumpun äänitaso
Very quiet
Ilmalämpöpumpun takkatoiminto
Fireplace function
Ilmalämpöpumpun minimilämpötila

Toshiba Premium+ is an air source heat pump specially designed for the harsh weather conditions of the North and tested in Finland to deliver on its promises. The versatile Premium+ heat pump is not only durable but also environmentally friendly and boasts the highest energy efficiency rating of A+++ class. The sleek and restrained exterior of the Premium+ heat pump blends perfectly with Scandinavian interior design.

The Toshiba Premium+ heat pump provides heating even in the coldest winter, down to -35°C, and conversely, efficiently cools even the hottest summer using its built-in smart air control. In addition to efficient temperature regulation, the device also functions effectively as an indoor air purifier and freshener.

For households with fireplaces, the product features a fireplace function that evenly distributes heat produced by the fireplace throughout the room even when the outdoor unit of the air source heat pump is not in use. The different functions of the Toshiba Premium+ heat pump can be easily adjusted with a large display remote control, designed for ease of use. The Premium+ heat pump also offers Wi-Fi and SMS control as an optional accessory, allowing you to control the device remotely via mobile connection from anywhere and at any time.

Our range includes different power Toshiba SEIYA+ models of air source heat pumps. Contact our customer service for more details or request an offer for an installed air source heat pump by contacting us or by sending a request form through the “Ask for an offer” button.

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Toshiba Premium plus ilmalämpöpumppu

Toshiba Premium+ air source heat pump


Temperature maintenance function | Fireplace function | Optional defrost function | Intelligent air flow control | Weekly timer | Quiet mode on indoor unit | Soundproofing function on outdoor unit | Plasma filter and ionizer | High-efficiency compressor.

Toshiba Premium+25 and Toshiba Premium+ 35 – heat pump technical details:

Energy classA+++A+++
Heating powerkW3.24.0
Energy classA+++A+++
Cooling powerkW2.53.5
In-unitMeasurements (k x l x s) mm293 x 851 x 270293 x 851 x 270
Sound pressure level (k/m (q))Cooling, dB(A)42/24 (19)43/25 (19)
Heating dB(A)44/24 (19)44/25 (19)
Out-unitMeasurements ( k x l x s)mm630 x 800 x 300630 x 800 x 300
Sound pressure levelCooling, dB(A)
46 (40)48 (42)
Heating, dB(A)
47 (41)49 (43)
Temperature range
(outside temperature)
Cooling (°C)-15 – +46-15 – +46
Heating (°C)-35 – +24-35 – +24

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