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Toshiba Polar – heat pump

Toshiba Polar heat pump
Ilmalämpöpumpun energiatehokkuus-ikoni
Ilmalämpöpumpun äänitaso
Very quiet
Ilmalämpöpumpun takkatoiminto
Fireplace function
Ilmalämpöpumpun minimilämpötila

The Toshiba Design Polar air source heat pump is designed to provide ideal comfort and energy savings in A+++ heating mode, offering efficient heating even in severe cold weather and bringing much-needed coolness during the hot summer months. The Toshiba Polar air source heat pump is a modern and stylish interior element with a matte finish. Its sleek design and hidden pipe openings make it a perfect fit for any indoor space.

Toshiba’s rotary compressor technology combines exemplary performance with excellent reliability. Using Toshiba’s innovative inverter technology, the Polar air source heat pump can constantly manage heating and cooling capacity.

The Toshiba Polar air source heat pump offers several auxiliary functions to make your daily life easier, such as remote control, fireplace mode, a sleep mode for a good night’s rest, very low noise levels, a quiet function for both the indoor and outdoor units, an outdoor unit defrost function, and optional WiFi control.

We offer different Toshiba Polar air source heat pump models with various power outputs. Contact our customer service or request for an offer for an installed air source heat pump by clicking the “Ask for an offer” button to learn more.

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Toshiba Polar ilmalämpöpumppu keittiössä


Toshiba Polar – air source heat pump


Ultra-quiet system | HADA air direction control for cooling | Inverter technology | Fireplace mode | Maintenance heat | WiFi application | Quiet outdoor unit | Comfort sleep mode | Manual defrost | Weekly timer.

Toshiba Polar heat pump technical details:

Energy classA+++A+++
Heating powerkW3.24.2
Energy classA++A++
Cooling powerkW2.83.5
In-unitMeasurements (k x l x s) mm293 x 800 x 226293 x 800 x 226
Sound pressure level (k/m (q))Jäähdytys, dB(A)42/25 (19)43/25 (19)
Heating, dB(A)45/25 (19)45/25 (19)
Out-unitMeasurements( k x l x s)mm550 x 780 x 290550 x 780 x 290
Sound pressure level (night mode)Cooling, dB(A) 45 (39)47 (41)
Heating, dB(A) 47 (41)48 (42)
Temperature range
(Temperature outside)
Cooling (°C)-15 – +46-15 – +46
Heating (°C)-25 – +24-25 – +24

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