Mitsubishi Electric LN Hyper Heating – heat pump – MV-Jäähdytys

Mitsubishi Electric LN Hyper Heating – heat pump

Mitsubishi Electric LN valkoinen ilmalämpöpumppu
A+++ / A++
Very quiet
Fireplace function
-35 °C

The Mitsubishi Electric LN air source heat pump is Finland’s best-selling model. Its reliable performance even in harsh winter conditions ensures ideal living comfort, especially in Finland’s varied weather. Thanks to Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heating technology, LN-series devices can efficiently and successfully produce heat in the A+++ energy class even at -35°C.

The stylish design of the Mitsubishi Electric LN indoor unit makes it a modern interior element. Additionally, the device is available in several different colors to seamlessly blend with your desired interior style..

Modern and intelligent functions automatically ensure that the room always has the right and consistent temperature and clean indoor air. With the modern remote control and built-in WiFi adapter, you can control the device as desired from anywhere and anytime. The heat pump’s fireplace function enables the most effective benefit from the heat generated by the fireplace, distributing the heat evenly indoors.

We offer different power Mitsubishi Electric LN Hyper Heating air source heat pumps. Contact our customer service for more details, or request an offer for an installed air source heat pump by contacting us or by sending a request form through the “Ask for an offer” button.

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Mitsubishi Electric NL musta ilmalämpöpumppu olohuoneessa

Mitsubishi Electric LN Hyper Heating – heat pump


Independently operating double flaps | Dual air direction control | Eight-part i-See-Sensor detector | Automatic fireplace mode | Night mode function | Plasma Quad Plus plasma filter | Built-in Wi-Fi | Double-coated protective surface.

Mitsubishi Electric LN Hyper Heating – heat pump technical details (LN25, LN35, LN50):

In-unitMSZ-LN25VG2* MSZ-LN35VG2* MSZ-LN50VG2* 
Energy classA+++A+++A++
Heating powerkW0,8 – 6,3 (3,2)0,9 – 6,6 (4,0)1,8 – 8,7 (6,0) 
Intake powerkW0,600,801,43
Energy classA+++A+++A++
Cooling powerkW0,8-3,5 (2,5)0,8 – 4,0 (3,5)1,4 – 5,5 (5,0)
Intake powerkW0,4850,821,38
In-unitMeasurements (k x l x s) mm307 x 890 x 233307 x 890 x 233307 x 890 x 233
Sound pressure (SPL) (min-max)Cooling , dB(A)19 – 24 – 29 – 38 – 4519 – 24 – 29 – 38 – 4525 – 29 – 34 – 39 – 47
Out-unitMeasurements( k x l x s)mm550 x 800 x 285550 x 800 x 285880 x 840 x 330
Sound pressure (SPL) (min-max)Cooling , dB(A)46/36,5 (43)49/39,5 (46)51/41,5 (48)
Heating , dB (A)49/39,5 (46)50/40,5 (47)54/44,5 (51)
Temperature range (outside air)Cooling (°C)-10 – +46-10 – +46-10 – +46
Heating (°C)-35 – +24-35 – +24-35 – +24

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