Building maintenance and housing companies

We offer satisfied customers, a safe everyday life and a long and an efficient life cycle for equipment

What we do


We cool air conditioning for properties as well as storage and server spaces. We service ventilating machines and produce solutions for environmental control, for example, in the healthcare industry.


We offer heating solutions with ground source heat, air source heat, air-water heat and multi use heat pumps. Exhaust air heat pumps play an important role in our energy efficient services. They are used to recover heat from the chilled air to be used in other heating needs of the property.

Professional kitchens

We maintain, service and install all cold and hot equipment for cafés, restaurants, accommodation providers and institutional kitchens located in concentrations of commercial properties. You can focus all your service and maintenance company needs to MV-Jäähdytys regardless of the equipment or brand used.


What we offer



We have both private and public properties as our clients.


  • We cool air conditioning, basement cold rooms and storage spaces for residential apartments, business properties, offices and public premises
  • We build, maintain and service cooling systems to both existing properties as well as to those under construction
  • We maintain, install, repair, service and peform leakage checks to all ground source heat pumps and other heat pumps
  • We take care of all the legal obligations of the cooling equipment owner
  • We carry out modernization projects for cooling and heating systems as well as basement cold rooms
  • We use for example VRF and water-cooling systems, separate condensing units, ground source heat pumps, exhaust air heat pumps and other equipment chosen based on the clients’ goals and needs

We offer property managers, maintenance technician supervisors and site foremen new, reliable, co-workers. MV-Jäähdytys takes care of the equipment owner’s legal obligations, installs and maintains well running and energy efficient equipment and solves even the most demanding problems and faults fast and with solid professionalism.


One partner is able to install, modernize, peforme advance maintenance and statutory leak checks as well as sudden repair needs, all for a reasonable price. MV-Jäähdytys installs, services, maintains, and repairs all heat pumps, cooling equipment, cold and freezing spaces, and equipment for professional kitchens.

Yes, we do. We maintain, service, leak check and modernise all heat pump solutions available on the market.

We have been maintaining, servicing, installing, and repairing air conditioning cooling devices since 1971. Our competence in water cooling and VRF systems is remarquably strong and we work for competitive prices.

During the last 50 years, there hasn’t been a single device we couldn’t have repaired. We service every major brand available on the market because the technology and processes are basically the same for all manufacturers. We are a trusted warranty service company for many manufacturers, and we attend operational training on special devices on a regular basis.

Yes, we do. We design cooling solutions and peform new installations in every month of the year.

We often discuss with technically competent customers, with whom setting mutual goals regarding property value, costs and life-cycle thinking is easy. Communication is the key, especially in these customer relationships. The property manager doesn’t have time to do everything himself. However, he has to be aware of everything. That is why having regular conversations and keeping the customer on track, are the most important factors, in addition to competent service with a good quality-price ratio.

Refrigeration and cooling equipment using F gases or F-gas-based solvents may be serviced and maintained only by companies registered by Tukes. There is a statutory obligation to carry out leak checks on larger, for example, real estate refrigeration units. The owner of the cooling and refrigeration equipment is responsible for them. The frequency with which the leak checks shall be carried out is determined by the quantity and quality of the refrigerant. MV-Jäähdytys will document every leak check on both the leak check document attached to the side of the device, as well as in its digital, device specific, maintenance journal.

A responsible and competent actor will figure out, if using heat recovery is possible and profitable. We design, construct, maintain and service, heat recovery equipment for properties and housing companies.

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