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MV Spirit

In all our actions, attitude is what counts and that is a part of the fundamental nature of MV-Jäähdytys. No matter what is done in our community – it is done well.

Despite the independent nature of our work, you will never be left alone with us. Behind the technician arriving on site, there stands a whole bunch of partners, colleagues from procurement logistics and technical support, knowledge, and cutting-edge tools in the industry. One person is always as strong as the community supporting him.

We are proud of our work and therefore the most demanding towards our selves. Our “sisu” spirit doesn’t approve of defeat and that is why not a single device has been left unrepaired through our 50-year history. We give everything of ourselves so that our customers and colleagues succeed in their own goals.

With MV-numbers we count heroes.

Required education


Thanks to our 50-year history in the cooling industry, we have many expert refrigeration installers. The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency TUKES supervises our licensed operations; to work in the cooling industry, one must attend a training program leading to a degree.

For independant work in the cooling industry, a basic degree in building engineering is required and from that refrigeration installer as the line of orientation.  The special vocational qualification for refrigeration master is not required, but it will help moving to expert positions.

A basic degree in electrical or automation installation is required for working in professional kitchens. Our technicians are often electricians, but the practical work is closer to that of an automation installer.

Our wide range of services requires experts from various fields.

Our training programs

For career changers and interested young people, we have been a part of Careeria’s and TAKK’s apprenticeship-based recruitment training for several years.  The educational institution organises the educational path and we provide the possibility for a practical apprenticeship after which it its possible to be employed for us full-time.

Recruitment training landed out a job for Waltteri.

There are many of us


  • Refrigeration installer
  • Maintenance technician for professional kitchens
  • Site Manager
  • Head of Maintenance
  • Key Account Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Buyer
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Procurement Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Calculator
  • Technical Expert
  • Chief Operating Officer




  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Area Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • HR Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Financial Manager
  • Accountant
  • Invoice Processor
  • Account Manager
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Service Sales Manager
  • After Sales


We work all over Finland, but our logistics and customer service centers are in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Raisio and Lahti. A new employee can live anywhere in Finland, but it is good to consider that all the work managers, technical support and the extensive collection of spare parts can be found from these service centers.

Our in-house training and education is strong and extensive. As a brand-independant maintenance company, our services cover a vast collection of different devices. Our new technicians move around constantly with more experienced workers to expolore new equipment on site. We help each other even between the offices in different cities and provide additional training and education. In this house you will never be left alone with any kind of challenges or problems. Expiring work safety cards, fire work cards, electrical work safety cards, first aid cards, hygiene passes and ID -cards for construction sites, will always be renewed.

The refrigeration installers interested in the advanced training of the refrigeration master will always be evaluated case-by-case, because the training is very demanding in terms of work tasks. In tasks leading to a degree, one must for example design a refrigeration plant. If the work tasks of a refrigeration installer are compatible with completing the training, only the installers own interest and initiating the conversation are demanded. In principle, further education is always supported when the student can be offered a more extensive and responsible role in the future with the development of his / her expertise. The education doesn’t change the required permits for a refrigeration installer, even though it does improve one’s competence.

It is possible to develop skills and competence also in the professional kitchen industry. A technician wishing for new tasks must report his interest to his own supervisor. In the field of professional kitchens, there is also training provided by manufacturers such as user training related to Franke Medical’s washing, rinsing, and disinfecting machines. Some work circulation comes also from larger projects, because usually electricians are needed on site.

For career changers and interested young people, we have been a part of Careeria’s and TAKK’s apprenticeship-based recruitment training for several years. The educational institution organises the educational path and we provide the possibility for a practical apprenticeship after which it its possible to be employed for us full-time.

You will take the matter into conversation with the Area Manager or your Head of Maintenance and let them know about your interest. All signals will be noticed, and as the company is growing, our recruitment needs evolve continuously. Eventhough the Head of Maintenance always evaluates their workers from a recruitement point of view, even unexpected, good things can follow from such conversations. The Head of Maintenance can tell if the employer can help himself move forward with, for example, additional training or acquiring a skill, which would be required in the new role.

It is exceptional at MV-Jäähdytys that employees don’t tend to switch to another company. If someone leaves, they usually are leaving for a whole different industry. Many of our employees have told they wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. This is a family. This is a place where you can follow your own path and do things others don’t. Our values are based on the following: visionary, courage, team spirit and responsibility. Our work community is powerful. You can ask anyone for help, and you can be sure to receive it.

The spark towards the industry is kept by the versatility of work tasks and different kind of devices. The devices, industry and its regulations are constantly changing. Equipment in professional kitchens is automized, cooling technology devices are developing to reach the climate goals. We support environmental contract, new political goals, and the regulations of the European parliament, which conduct the use of refrigerants and our future. Especially the in-house practices of MV develop continuously. Our own interface technology, statistical expertise and intelligent use of data are our strengths.

You can reach our Recruitment Manager Maarit Syrjä by email rekry@mv-jaahdytys.fi. Also, our customer service number 020 786 1900 will help you with recruitment matters during office hours, and can direct you to the person responsible for your recruitment.


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